Murchison Falls WI4+

Murchison Falls WI4+ were the best "Grade 4" Ice fall which I try (We retreat, because we don't have time to end this icefall). Real "Ice river". Recommended! On the right you have Virtual Reallity WI6. Two great classic ice falls. If you do both, then will be nice ice day ;).

Hydrofobia WI5+

Hydrofobia WI5+ in Ghost Arena is Icefall, which you must do! Three pitches (WI3, WI5+, WI5+) are beautiful.

Slipstream VI, WI4

Sllipstream WI4 / VI, 1000m first climbed in 1979 is the one of the most classics routes rockies. Route technically is easy (WI4), but dangerous (seracs, avalanches) and not so good descent do a real adventure :-).

Nophobia M10 in Ghost

Nophobia M10 is the hard drytooling line in Ghost Arena in Canadian Rockies. We climb this route on 27 january 2015 (see news).

Nemesis WI6 on Stanley Headwall

Nemesis is one of the most beautiful icefalls which I have ever done. It consist just only 2 long piches (WI4-6 and WI6), but they are amazing :).

Sea of Vapors WI5-7 on Trophy Wall

Sea of Vapors WI5-7 on Trophy Wall is one of the famous ice line in Rockies. Trophy Wall (aka Terminator Wall) is place where all lines are amazing, and each route will be "trophy" in your climbing CV. Probably the most popular is Sea of Vapors.

Weeping Wall in Canadian Rockies

Weeping Wall is one of the most famous icefalls in Rockies. 160 meters of ice from WI4 to WI5+. Mandatory route in Rockies. It consist Lower Weeping Wall (160 meters) and second Ice fall: Upper Weeping Wall (about 170 meters).

3 ascents selected to Piolets d'Or 2015

The year 1865 marked the apotheosis of the golden age of "conquering" the summits of the Alps, and the Piolets d'Or 2015 will be the occasion to announce a series of commemorative exhibitions and events, which will punctuate the summer season 2015.

23 Piolets d'Or. 9-12 April

Once again this year, the Piolets d'Or celebrates mountaineering in all its various dimensions. Both for his historical achievements and for his promotion of mountaineering, Chris Bonington, a living legend and a major figure in 20th century mountaineering, will receive the Career Piolet d'Or from the hands of his no-less-legendary friend and climbing partner Doug Scott.

The Piolets d'Or will also be an occasion to launch the events for «1865, The High Point of the Golden Age of Mountaineering. There were many British mountaineers, along with their alpine guides, who were the protagonists in the great first ascents achieved in 1865: Matterhorn, Grandes Jorasses, Aiguille Verte, to cite the most famous of the summits first climbed in that year. A series of events and exhibitions will mark this golden age of mountain
conquests throughout the summer season of 2015, in the Chamonix valley, and elsewhere in the Alps.

Finally, with regard to modern mountaineering, the Piolets d'Or will reward some of last year’s most impressive routes. These will be chosen by a high-flying international committee of impeccable technical credentials from nine different countries, whom we are proud to be able to count on for support in promoting ethical mountaineering attitudes !

List of nominated ascents

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