The Cineplex is a large chamber in Canadian Rockies, where you can climb some of hard classic drytooling routes. Here was first M12 in world - Musashi. There you will find routes like The Game M13, Steel Koan M13+, Rocky Mountain Horror Picture Show M11+. Let say that if you will be in Rockies there Cineplex is must be place :-). Below you have topo of Cineplex, by Ramon Marin.

Beautiful day on Cineplex

Beautiful day on Cineplex. On left of this icicle is end of Musashi M12. Photo: Damian Granowski

Getting There

Cineplex is in Canadian Rockies, near of famous Highway 93 "Icefields Parkway". Its about 2 hours by car from Canmore. You park on Highway, and go by path to Panther Falls (about 5-10 minuts). There you have link to google maps. The best place to stay is Rampart Creek Hostel.

Jędrzej Jabłoński on Steel Koan. Photo: Damian Granowski


The most famous routes are:

The Panther Falls WI3+

Orgasmo M9

Cineplex M9

Rocky Mountain Horror Show M11+

Musashi M12

The Game M13

Steel Koan M13+


Jen Olson do hardest move on Musashi M12. Photo: Damian Granowski

Climbing in Cineplex is very nice. On classic routes you have quickdraws, but take some ;). Also on cave is clip stick. 50 m single rope should be OK. If you want do Panther Falls WI3+, then take some ice screws.

Crista-Lee on Orgasmo

Crista Lee on Orgasmo M9. Photo: Damian Granowski

Panther Falls WI3+


Panther Falls WI3+. Photo: Damian Granowski


Cineplex topo in by Ramon Martin.

 Last but not Least... Go for it!