Weeping Wall is one of the most famous icefalls in Rockies. 160 meters of ice from WI4 to WI5+. Mandatory route in Rockies. It consist Lower Weeping Wall (160 meters) and second Ice fall: Upper Weeping Wall (about 170 meters).


Lower Weeping Wall and Upper Weeping Wall. Photo: Damian Granowski

On Lower Weeping Wall you will find:

Snivelling Gully 180m II, WI 3-

Dead-Eye Dick 155m, III, WI5+
Left Hand 180m, II, WI4
Central Pillar 180m III, WI5+
Right Hand 180m III, WI5

Topo of Weeping Wall. Photo: Damian Granowski

Upper Weeping Wall with Weeping Pillar WI6. Photo. Damian Granowski

On Upper Weeping Wall:

Teardrop 170m IV, WI 5+ to 6
Weeping Pillar 170m V, WI 6
Mare in Winter 200m IV, WI 4+
Nasty Habits 200m IV, WI 6
Ice T 180m IV, WI 6
Tales of Ordinary Madness 180m IV, WI 5+

Michał Dorocicz on Weeping Pillar before our retreat :-). Photo Damian Granowski

Tree where is chain for rappels. Photo: Damian Granowski

Lower Weeping Wall from base. Photo: Damian Granowski