Damian Granowski

Damian Granowski

Climbing trainer in Cracow. enthusiast of rock climbing, mountaineering (summer and winter), ice climbing, dry-tooling. Owner of blog
My climbing school you will find here: (also climbing courses in english language).

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Nice multipitch routes in Poland

Parę tygodni temu dostałem maila z podziękowaniami za teksty o podkrakowskich klasykach sportowych i przyjaznych tradach. E-mail był z dopiskiem "Może pokusiłbyś się jeszcze o jakąś listę wielowyciągówek na Jurze?". W sumie trafiło na podatny grunt i zastanawiam się czemu wcześniej na to nie wpadłem sam :). Jeśli ktoś ma jeszcze propozycje ciekawych artykułów, to proszę o kontakt.

Marcin “Yeti” Tomaszewski - from alpine to bigwall

A Polish climber, alpinist and climbing instructor. Known for his multipitch ascents both in the big wall and alpine style. Born in 1975 in Poland. He’s been climbing for more than 22 years. A member of the Polish National Team in alpine climbing. From the very beginning he’s been inspired mostly by challenges such as opening new routes in the most inaccessible and vertical faces in the world.

Never Sleeping Wall - best climbing in Siciliy

Never Sleeping Wall - near of San Vito lo Capo (on this link you have practical info about climbing in San Vito Lo Capo) - is fantastic climbing wall. Overhanging and up to 90 m wall, with long routes (the longest has 57 meters). Climbing here is probably the best in Sicily: amazing tufa climbs, long overhang, big holds, stamina climbing. Grades from 6a to 8a+. Definitely if you do just 6b then you must go here.


Sometimes when you commit to a goal, you find that it pushes the boundaries of what you thought was possible. "Last year I set myself up with the idea that I wanted to be the first American woman to climb M11." Mountain Hardwear athlete Dawn Glanc is an ice climber and mixed climber from Ouray, Colorado. For Dawn, M11 is just the beginning. What's your M11?

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