On last two weeks, there were 3 nice movies about mixed climbing and alpine climbing. If you want to see mixed climbing in Scotland, Switzerland and France the go ahead ;).

Winter Layering - Mixed Climbing in Switzerland

Kandersteg in Switzerland has long been a mecca for alpine climbers. In 2015 Rab athlete Jeff Mercier made an incredible link up of three classic mixed routes - in a single day. He did Flying Circus (M10, WI6), Mach 3 (M10, WI5) i Ritter der Kokosnuss (M12, WI5)

Artists on Grandes Jorasses

Autumn 2014. North face of Grandes Jorasses. Julien Désécures and Sébastien Bohin set off to repeat the Couzy-Desmaison route. The two climbers were revisiting this mythical line in an aesthetically pleasing and technically advanced style: mixed climbing on ice sheets… A beautiful and impressive first!

All Roads Lead to Scotland

Opposites attract. There isn’t a more appropriate statement to describe the unlikely yet formidable climbing partnership that is Nick Bullock and Tim Neill. They met on the mountains of Scotland in winter, and despite walking their own paths in the mountaineering world they are both drawn inexorably back there each winter. The fickle conditions that define Scottish winter climbing frequently lead to frustration, but the prospect of discovering an obscure gem presents an irresistible allure to them both.