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Videos - Sun, 25 Sep 2022 14:20:21 +0000 Joomla! - Open Source Content Management en-gb The Iceland Trifecta The Iceland Trifecta

Klemen Premrl and Rahel Schelb spent some time on climbing ice on Iceland. Death-defying adventure, stunning landscapes, and rarely-documented feats of physical endurance and skill. Watch photographer Tim Kemple and master climbers scale the frigid crags of Iceland. Check this :)


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Sandstone Sandstone

One of the most amazing sandstone ares are in Czech. In Adršpach and Teplice you have hundreds of talls sandstone towers. You cannot use chalk, and metal gear for protection. You have protection from some rings and knots. Check this movie "Sandstone" about history and climbing in Czech :-).



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2 nice routes from Tatra mountains 2 nice routes from Tatra mountains

Here you have some nice climbing movies from Tatra Mountains: From Metallica IX/IX+ on Mnich and Pochylego Platne VIII- on Kežmarský štít.



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Prayers in the Wind Prayers in the Wind

Jason Kruk, Paul McSorley and Joshua Lavigne travel to the Indian Himalayas to climb a new route on the imposing, 1500 metre north face of Thalay Sagar. Amidst the sacred waters of the Ganges and towering peaks of icy granite they find a peace that transcends the chaos of their lives. The senses are swept clean and attune to the prayers in the wind.

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To Climb An Iceberg in 4K To Climb An Iceberg in 4K

This Summer Klemen Premrl and Aljaz Anderle go to Greenland to climb icebergs. Watch this :-)



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3 nice, short climbing movies 3 nice, short climbing movies

On last two weeks, there were 3 nice movies about mixed climbing and alpine climbing. If you want to see mixed climbing in Scotland, Switzerland and France the go ahead ;).

Winter Layering - Mixed Climbing in Switzerland

Kandersteg in Switzerland has long been a mecca for alpine climbers. In 2015 Rab athlete Jeff Mercier made an incredible link up of three classic mixed routes - in a single day. He did Flying Circus (M10, WI6), Mach 3 (M10, WI5) i Ritter der Kokosnuss (M12, WI5)


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Artists on Grandes Jorasses

Autumn 2014. North face of Grandes Jorasses. Julien Désécures and Sébastien Bohin set off to repeat the Couzy-Desmaison route. The two climbers were revisiting this mythical line in an aesthetically pleasing and technically advanced style: mixed climbing on ice sheets… A beautiful and impressive first!


All Roads Lead to Scotland

Opposites attract. There isn’t a more appropriate statement to describe the unlikely yet formidable climbing partnership that is Nick Bullock and Tim Neill. They met on the mountains of Scotland in winter, and despite walking their own paths in the mountaineering world they are both drawn inexorably back there each winter. The fickle conditions that define Scottish winter climbing frequently lead to frustration, but the prospect of discovering an obscure gem presents an irresistible allure to them both.


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Bad to the Bone Bad to the Bone

Jonathan Griffith and Will Sim to new route Bad to the Bone on virgin NW face of Mt. Deborach on Alasca. Here is film from this trip with nice rock music :-)


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What happens in Canadian Rockies? What happens in Canadian Rockies?

From 15 january to 11 february I have been in Canadian Rockies. I climb with Mike Dorocicz, Jędrzej Jabłoński. We do some nice climbing routes (Nophobia M10, Musashi M12, Slipstream WI4+ VI 1000m and many others). Below is film from this trip. Film is in polish, but there are also some pictures... Enjoy it ;).



Here you have links to other routes and more photos from Canadian Rockies.

Great thanks to all locals who help us climbing in this amazing place :-)

Thanks: GÓRY, Montano, The North Face i KW Kraków.

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JJ on Caveman ~M10 JJ on Caveman ~M10

Video from Haffner Cave in Canadian Rockies. Jędrzej Jabłoński (JJ) send classic route Caveman ~M10 (author give M10-). JJ climb without figure 4/9.

One of the first routes about grade M10- on the world. Now without spurs is harder to climb :-).


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Committed Committed

Sometimes when you commit to a goal, you find that it pushes the boundaries of what you thought was possible. "Last year I set myself up with the idea that I wanted to be the first American woman to climb M11." Mountain Hardwear athlete Dawn Glanc is an ice climber and mixed climber from Ouray, Colorado. For Dawn, M11 is just the beginning. What's your M11?

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