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Are you winter climber or Mountaineer? If yes, then this blog is for you! I will not write about my feelings, my last climbing trips. is place where you can read about nice winter ascents. It can be alpinism, dry-tooling, ice climbing, Himalayan climbing, ski-touring. I will write also (or especially) some articles about treinning, outdoor gear, climbers, mountains, and topos of routes. I will place also a lot of movies, about climbing

For whom it is? is place for some masochists people who love climbing in winter :-)

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Damian Granowski

Photo. Piotr Drożdż

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Damian Granowski

Climbing trainer in Cracow. enthusiast of rock climbing, mountaineering (summer and winter), ice climbing, dry-tooling. Owner of blog
My climbing school you will find here: (also climbing courses in english language).

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