Sometimes you don't want climb, because you are afraid, weak, route is too hard, the shelter is warm.... But you cannot told your partner, that you are weak! You just must tell him some excuse.


Below you have some examples :-)

"I'am so weak today" - Number one!

"There were no conditions" - perfect excuse for mountaineering :-)

Damm - I take wrong shoes/crampons/Ice tools/etc.

"Damm - I Forgot rope/quickdraws/ice tools/crampons/etc." - Before climbing you must tell, that you will take this gear.

"I lost... Stove/ice tool/etc." - expensive, pathetic but effective. You must lost this gear in place, where retreat is easy.

My ice tools/crampons are blunt

I broke my gear

The sun was in my eyes.

The rain/storm is coming

There was too great avalanche risk

Forgot to trim my nails.

I had the flu last week... so I'm recovering

I forgot to get the beta for that one section.

This problem seems harder than last time.

I'm not used to (sandstone/granite/quartzite/gritstone/rhyolite/mud).

I'm not used to (sport/trad/ice climbing/dry-tooling/mountaineering).

I think a hold must have broken off.

Can't do that route without a rope nobody nearby will offer to loan you.

Let's do something else to warm up first.

Weather's looking iffy.

I'd do it, but this is my old rope and I don't want to take falls on it.

I'd do it, but this is my new rope and I don't want to take falls on it.

I'd do it, but I don't have time today.

I'd do it, but route was ugly/stupid.

I'd do it, but today I'am lazy.

I'd do it, but there was queue to this route.

I'd lead it, but my partner would have trouble following it.

I'd lead it, but I'am too short.

We were going to do it, but somebody was on it.

I haven't eaten enough today.

I just ate.

I just ate a big meal.

I'm dehydrated

It's my 3-7 day of climbing without rest

It's too early.

It's too late.

It's too wet

I don't have skin on fingers

Bolt was moving

The route has dangerous bolts

Something bite me (mosquito/ant/bee/wasp)

Holds are getting too polished from all the climbers.

These pants restrict my motion too much.

Hmm, I'am probably ill today

Something hit me!

I slipped!

You wanna lead ?

Beta was incorrect...

We did not get permit to our Mountain

This is 7b/M10/5.12!? Impossible!