L'abito non fa il Monaco 6b (6a obl.), 260 m is eight multi-pitch route on Pizzo Monaco in San Vito Lo Capo on Sicilia. The route is quite popular in this area. Pitches are bolted (S2, take 12 quickdraws) but for the last pitch maybe take some slings.

A Polish climber, alpinist and climbing instructor. Known for his multipitch ascents both in the big wall and alpine style. Born in 1975 in Poland. He’s been climbing for more than 22 years. A member of the Polish National Team in alpine climbing. From the very beginning he’s been inspired mostly by challenges such as opening new routes in the most inaccessible and vertical faces in the world.

If you go by normal route on Breithorn, then he could be one of the easiest 4000 metre peaks in the Alps. You can go to 3820 m by skilift. From there you have easy walk on glacier, and snow slope to summit. Very recommended to go there on skis.

Gregory "Greg" Child, born on 1957.04.12, Australian climber, mountaineer, author and film maker, who ascended Gasherbrum IV in 1986, K2 in 1990 and Everest in 1995. He has authored several books: "Thin Air: Encounters in the Himalayas", "Mixed Emotions: Mountaineering Writings of Greg Child", "Postcards from the Ledge", "Over the Edge" and "Climbing Free". In 1987, Child was honoured with the American Alpine Club’s Literacy Award for his prolific and insightful mountaineering literature. In 2011 Child was President of the Jury for the Piolets d'Or.

Here you find list of some of the best climbing routes in Tatra Mountains. Enjoy! Soon I will write more :-)

Eiger... One of most famous peaks in Alps. North Face of Eiger is 1800 meters high.  Heckmair Route on this face is iconic. But Eiger has also easier routes. On west face you will find route to peak. In good conditions you can go there on skis. Here is some photos from our trip. On summit of Eiger we have been 19 march 2015.

Nemesis is one of the most beautiful icefalls which I have ever done. It consist just only 2 long piches (WI4-6 and WI6), but they are amazing :).

The Tatra Mountains are located between Poland and Slovakia. They are the smallest Alpine range in Europe, with their highest peak Gerlachovský štít reaching only 2655 m above sea-level. They offer a lot of exciting rock climbing opportunities in summertime, yet wintertime can offer even better climbing options. The heights of walls reach up to 900 meters, about 200 - 300 meters on average. Their altitude is usually 1800-2300 m, so you don't need acclimatization.